Handy File Tool

Handy File Tool 1.04

Simple but effective file management tool


  • Handles more than one file at a time
  • Works with most formats
  • Renames multiple files at the same time


  • Doesn't add anything special to Explorer


If you're always looking for something that manages Windows files better than Explorer, then Handy File Tool offers some interesting options.

Handy File Tool offers tools such as a Renamer, Replacer and Finder, as well as a range of handy extras for webmasters and programmers. The key asset of Handy File Tool is that it can perform multiple tasks in one click. So if, for example, you want to rename or cut several files to the clipboard at once, you can.

It doesn't stop at files though - you can also process files from several directories and disks at the same time even if they are external drives. In addition Handy File Too allows you to replace text in several across a range of file formats and it seems to be able to handle virtually all file types.

If you feel limited by Windows Explorer, Handy File Tool adds a few more dimensions to it although nothing really special.

Handy File Tool


Handy File Tool 1.04

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